Project Retreat Forward
Retreat Forward: A.R.T.
(American Road Trip)

Stefanie D. Warren, Inspired Dreamer

After returning home from my round-the-world travels, I took some time to find inspiration again. One of my long term goals is to operate a luxury camping retreat, and so I decided to go out in the world and get some experience in the camping industry. Giving myself six weeks to make the transition, I sold most of my posessions and bought a big motorhome to live and travel in.

My first destination was a campground chain in the mountains of my home state, where I had a job in the ranger station. Dave (aka TwoDog) joined me soon after I arrived, and we enjoyed a couple months of working together before setting off on our next adventure.

Together we began exploring Washington while "boondocking" (camping without hookups to electricity or water) in beautiful remote locations. We learned how to live comfortably off-grid with our on-board systems.

While wintering in Arizona (because that's just what RV folks do), fortune smiled upon us and we were able to purchase land back home in Washington and moved back north as soon as the mountain passes cleared. We still live in our RVs, but now we're focused on growing roots instead of racking up miles.

Summer in Ocean Shores, Washington

Winter in Quartzsite, Arizona

  1. Managing Director
    Driver's Seat
  2. Managing Director
    My First Temporary Home
  3. Managing Director
    Ghost Forest, Cascade Mountains
  4. Managing Director
    Cabin Creek Sno-Park
  5. Managing Director
    Ocean Shores
  6. Managing Director
    Stef bought a 2002 Fleetwood Southwind 35R Motorhome
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
    TwoDog Hunting at Blue Creek
  9. Managing Director
    Stef and Charlie
  10. Managing Director
    Charlie and Chelsea
  11. Managing Director
    Ocean Shores (Sept 2017)
  12. Managing Director
    Minnie Peterson Campground
  13. Managing Director
    Hoh River
  14. Managing Director
    Hoh Rain Forest
  15. Managing Director
    Hoh Rain Forest
  16. Managing Director
    In the Cascade Mountains
  17. Managing Director
    Hunting Ellensburg Blue
  18. Managing Director
    Red Top Mountain, WA
  19. Managing Director
    Hood Canal
  20. Managing Director
    "The Helipad"
  21. Managing Director
    The Boonies
  22. Managing Director
    Parking Lot Boondocking
  23. Managing Director
    Crystal Hill, Quartzsite AZ (November 2017)
  24. Managing Director
    Long Term Visitor Area
  25. Managing Director
    Full Moon in the Desert
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